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Next-Level Influencer Media Kits

Showcase your brand with AI-driven Influencer Media Kits for unmatched impact.
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Design sleek, lightning-fast, and jaw-dropping media kits.
I can now effortlessly transmit my brand essence.
Consistent brand messaging has been a game-changer.

Ready to level up your brand collaborations?

Ignite your brand's potential with AI-powered Influencer Media Kits. Ethos simplifies the process of sharing your social stats, past partnerships, and personal brand info, making it a breeze to captivate interested brands.

Stand out from the other 10 million active influencers and express your individuality with Ethos.


This awesome app is an absolute game-changer for influencers. It's like the ultimate power-up, giving us an effortless and super effective way to handle our media kits and totally revolutionize how we connect with brand partners.

Travis Brewer
Fitness Ninja and Movement Entrepreneur

It's so easy to use and crazy useful, it's become my go-to tool for managing all of my personal brand content and partnerships stats. I can't even begin to describe how much of a game-changer it is. This app deserves all the props

Tyler Jean
Functional Wellness Doctor and Educator

This app has completely transformed how I handle my personal brand and connect with brand partners. It's easy to use and has become my go-to tool for managing content and tracking partnership success.

Andreas Alfaro
Professional Athlete & Gymnast

If you're an influencer looking to make a bold statement with your brand, look no further than this app. It's the ultimate tool for taking your content to the next level, helping you stand out in a sea of influencers.

Christian Gonzalez
The #1 Health Influencer to Know

Say goodbye to complicated design software, expensive developers, and outdated website.

Increase Partnerships


Increase Retention


Consolidation of brands with Ethos

Agencies.Ethos works for you, too.

01 – How Ethos Helps

Engage followers and magnetize brands with unwavering brand clarity.

Brand image
Brand Strategy
02 – How Ethos Helps

Safeguard your reputation by nailing the right branding across all channels.

03 – How Ethos Helps

Enforce your branding best practices to manifest your authentic image and personality.

Brand identities
04 – How Ethos Helps

Cement your brand's credibility with unwavering, on-brand social content.

Brand building
05 – How Ethos Helps

Take charge of your media kit, reclaiming hours of precious time.

Save time

Join the Ranks of Thousands Who Love Ethos

Increases revenue by 23% with consistent brand messaging and imagery

Unleashes a 23% surge in brand partnerships through an unwavering, impactful brand presentation.

Establishes a consistent brand image that’s easily recognizable online and offline

Fosters a consistent and instantly recognizable influencer image across all channels.

Grows customer retention rate by 5% with effective brand management

Shields your reputation with automated, fail-proof brand content management.

Protects brand reputation by automatically managing your brand content

Inspires unwavering trust among followers and brand partners.

Instantly improves brand trust with your customers and prospects

Stay relevant, capture attention, and appeal to your target audience without compromising your unique style.

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Per month


    • 1 Media Kit
    • Intelligent brand audit
    • Logo white-label
    • Low brand asset upload limits
    • Download official brand content from Media Kits
    • Copy/paste official brand content from Media Kits


Per month


    • Everything in Ethos Standard
    • 10 Media Kits
    • Unlimited users
    • Guided brand education
    • Customize template design
    • Remove "Powered by Ethos" badge
    • Unlimited brand asset storage
    • Enhanced security permissions


Per month


    • Everything in Ethos Premium
    • Unlimited Media Kits
    • Dedicated team support

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